My apologies to the entire forum

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Rhett Dudley
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My apologies to the entire forum
 I want to say that I am sorry for asking such a repetative question regarding the battery thing, had I taken the time to read every page in the forum I would have found the answer several times over. I guess that is what the forum is for. Please understand that I am just a pilot on over load flying 6-7 days a week, often to the Middle East and back the same day, my wife is a budget Chief, also for the D.O.D, and this week is crunch time for her,is  end of fiscal year, I do not get much time to read every thing when it comes to stuff that I enjoy. So please bare with me, I am sure that I will have more important questions in the future 
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No problem Rhett, you'll find people here are pretty tolerant. Welcome to the forums, and if you have an idea of how to make it easier to find relevant info, please speak up!

cheers- Scott 

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    Rhett is ower community friend. Value friends are hard to find ... glad to make unsefull conversation (hope it helped you about those batteries... IF NOT ask again :) ).