[VIDEO] - ElmoSapien! New free custom personality

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[VIDEO] - ElmoSapien! New free custom personality

Hey everyone,

I made a new custom personality with over 210 voice files for the Robosapien RS Media.  You can download it from my ElmoSapien page.  Here's the video, complete with Elmo costume! Laughing


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Hey rochler nice one.

I know you like to keep your loyalties to  the  robots rule site but  could you upload this personality to the 'Downloadable Costom Rs Media Personalities' on this site. Thanks love your work especially the Robodance programe. While I am on that subject, how about modifying the programe to suit Rs ? I am one of the lazy owners of Robosapien  who uses the programe to control my collection  as a user friendly remote on my laptop.