Where can I get a 7.5v 3.1amp power supply for rs media in the UK

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Where can I get a 7.5v 3.1amp power supply for rs media in the UK

I have just purchase 2 robosapien RS media for my 2 children for christmas and have a few questions

  1.  and I would like to buy the 7.5v 3.1amp power supply in the UK. Where can I get it from and how much is it? I have scan the internet and cannot find one anwhere in the UK.
  2. I was wondering if the robot is used constantly how long the batteries generally will last before they need to be replaced.
  3. Is it recomended that rechargeable batteries are used. If so what are the best ones to use? If rechargeable batteries are use will they last as long as non-rechargeable batteries before having the to be recharged? Any help will be greatly received.

 thank you

 Gareth Haylings

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You can get a suitable power supply from Maplin for UKP 27 http://www.maplin.co.uk/Search.aspx?c... Normal alkaline batteries seem to last a fair while but cost a lot to replace, mind you if the children get fed up with their new toys it won't be an issue! The problem with re-chargables is they tend to weigh less than normal batteries so your robot may not be able to sit and stand up as easily. Go for the highest capacity Ni-Mh you can get but you may need to add some lead weight.

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Thanks for that I have just bought 12 rechargeable nimh 2600mah, 2 chargers and the power supply you recomended. I found thepower supply for £15 including delivery from ebay.

Hope the kids like the robots as this lot has cost a furtune.

Cheers for the help