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tsk tsk Mr N. Fetch the comfy chair!

One could also build some IR repeater towers that could be placed strategically around the house. heh, one of my first amateur electronics projects was an RS232 to IR wireless link... can't say it ever worked very well, but it was a learning experience, right? 

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It wasn't an article here at RoboCommunity.

It was one over on EvoSapien.

I just dredged it up again. 


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Shame on me. I should have remembered it was Marcus's work. 

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I can't help me self. I got a private message from Wow Wee .This Private Message was sent to you by Michelle C (WowWee). 

Thanks! I'll forward the message to the Customer Service Manager here to get into contact with the Australian distributors.

So you see...They are watching!!!!!!....and I am waiting!!!!!. If I get a good reply I will think about another RS Media.

Is it left or right at the lights?

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Hi DV8,

Need your advice! I bought 2 RS Medias for my kids for this Christmas from DS and considering your luck, I decided I might unpack them and take a Capt Cook. I figured given Murphy's Law I wouldn't want any water works if they failed on the big day. So I thought I'd test them and then pack them up nice, like they hadn't been unpacked... Trouble is, the more I tried to unpack one, the more I realised I'd have Buckly's Chance of putting it back! So, my question is, HOW did you unpack two and repack them to take back to the store?Undecided

Does the inside box slide out or do you have to split the outside box down all the seams?

Also, did you get a response from WOWWEE? And did you get the Roboraptor?



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              Please don`t make my relive the nightmare that is THE BOX!..but yes you have to seperate the outer box from the plastic case. Nice sharp knife! Just remember to note where all the twistys go!

As for Wow Wee, tech support said 5 working days for a responce...about 20 working days ago? Still thinking about Roboraptor. I would like a RS even after all the bull. Let me know if your units move there legs like they should!

All the best Tony.

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Email them again DV8, WowWee support tends to be forgetful. 

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I will try again...I am nothing if not persistant!!!. The fact that I no longer have the robot in question is beside the point!...I WANT SATICFACTION!