Alert - Dragonfly Wing Replacement Health Warning

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Alert - Dragonfly Wing Replacement Health Warning

I'm warning everyone to wear gloves or use tools when replacing the wings on their Flytech Dragonfly.

The Carbon Fiber (or whatever it is they paint the metal tips with) splinters-off under the great pressure required to remove/install them..and those splinters are super small, you need a magnifying loop to see them.

These will work their way into your skin and can cause a very bad infection.

I almost had to seek medical attention for my right index finger.  It took me some time to work out what caused it until I replaced the wings on a DF yesterday..and got one of these little black splinters in my Left Index Finger.  Not sure I can remove it, these things are EVIL.

Word to the wise:  Wear gloves and/or use tools when changing the wings out on your DF.  Don't suffer like I have.