Alive Elvis Evolution Published!

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Jeff Block
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Alive Elvis Evolution Published!

Tiffany published the latest in a long series of evolution articles this morning...

The Evolution of WowWee's Alive Elvis

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Very very cool! Do you think the factory workers have nightmares of elvis, seeing how they have to stare at his face all day long:)

Rio Uchiha
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can somone tell me how on earth did these people get these pictures?

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The authors are always either WowWee or Capable network employee's. So the answer in either case is that they came from someone (possible several someones) working at WowWee.

Jeff Block
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Capable Networks and WowWee are completely separate companies.  We (Capable Networks) have a special relationship with WowWee that allows us inside access to the people who created these toys.  This relationship allows us to get pictures from WowWee re: the evolution of the product and pass them on to you.  Hope you enjoy!