Improvement for NIGHT flying!

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Improvement for NIGHT flying!

Flying at night is a BLAST! But I noticed the bright lights of the LED eyes would sometimes blind you as the dragonfly turned and the light shined directly in your eyes. To give a more diffused light, I used an emory board, (fingernail file) to scuff up the lenses on the eyes. Sand paper works equally well. This makes the light more diffused and gives a softer "glow" to the eyes and causes the whole body to light up better. It's still just as bright, but now it's much easier to see what the Dragonfly is doing in the dark and it's more visible from all angles. If you want to get a feel for this effect without damaging your Dragonfly, try putting a piece of scotch tape, (or two) over the eyes and see the difference it can make! Enjoy!

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Got any video or pictures of this?