Getting RS:Media Soon, Advise plz

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Getting RS:Media Soon, Advise plz

Pretty soon, I'm gonna get the RS:Media, is there anything I should do with it when I get it. I don't like the idea of hacking into these robots. So Anything exept Hacking the robot is good. Thanks.

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"is there anything I should do with it when I get it?"

Send it to me? Tongue out

....just kidding...... unless....? Nah!


Are asking that with respect to how to debox it, set it up, test it, or generally what to do to have fun with it?

Deboxing these beasties can be a trial. I slowly released my RSV2, but there was no way to do it without tearing apart glued seams. These things are not going to be put back into their original packaging for storage.

The RSV2 goes through a little start up dialog and some motions when it is switched on. It lets you know that all the motors are working, and that the electronics are ready to go. I am assuming that the RSMedia has a similar start up sequence that will let you know it's healthy.

Next up on the RSV2 is the Demo key on the remote. That provides a more extensive set of motions and noises. Yet another good indication that everything is working as it should.

After that, let your imagination be your guide.