which robot for my b-day

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which robot for my b-day

My b-day is comeing up in a couple of weeks and i want three robots but am planning to get 1-2 What should i get

roboboa-$99 but doesnt do to much but can move though

rs media-$300-had one but then broke. kind of worried if it happens again

elvis-300dollars-cant move but looks and sound cool

please give me tips on which robot would be best for a kid

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Can you find RoboQuad where you are? I don't have one, but it would be high on my list!


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ive got every robot from wowwee except for these three

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Personally, I'd skip the Elvis in favor of the other two. The Elvis and Chimp products seem more like animated bookends than robots, to me.

Now if you're going to mount the Elvis on a 6 legged spider bot, and have it trundle about crooning, _that_ would be robotically creepy. 

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I would probably take robopet,roboraptor,roboreptile.RSV2,RS,or maybe take the risk of RS  media he seems pretty cool if you get lucky not to get a busted one try looking at the lens and other places of his body to see if he has scraches bruzes or anything (AKA if the test is past it is probably a new or unused one)