FlyTech Dragonfly on sale at Wal-Mart after Thanksgiving

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Josiah Mendez
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FlyTech Dragonfly on sale at Wal-Mart after Thanksgiving

Sorry to break it to the people who already Purchased a Dragon Fly from wowwee, but on November 24, 2007 At 8 a.m in the morning they are selling all dragon flys at $25.00 flat!!!!!! it may seem to be a pain to get up at 8 a.m but that is one Cheap Dragon fly!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't believe me go to and check their secrect in store specials. (I'm so Buying one.)

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I hate wal mart.

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I hate the smell of new shoes.

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How much do the WowWee dragonflies usually cost? I'm thinking of getting one maybe...if they're not outrageously priced.

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I've seen them usually at $49 or $59; typical sale price around $35.

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Oh, okay.  I may get myself one because I think they look pretty cool.  Is it remote-controlled?

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Yes it's remote controlled.

I've bought three of these things now.  They made great gifts at xmas.  Well 2 of them made great gifts, but it looked so cool I had to keep one for myself. ;)  Anyways, I paid $29 each for them at Radio Shack. (They are currently on sale for $20 off. Normally priced at $49.) I was at a Radio Shack just today and noticed that they are still on sale for that same price.  I bought a package of spare wings today at RS and the price was only $4.something.  Pretty cheap I thought. A pack of wings contains two complete wing sets.

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Wow! *runs to RS to buy DragonFly*