Linux users?

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Linux users?

Anyone here run Linux on their PC? More to the point, has anyone successfully run the media suite via wine? I see it needs DirectX 9 and .NET, which might be fun to get installed. I know DX9 can be done (with much hoop jumping), still reading up on .NET (seems like 2.0 is no way, 1.1 sounds like a maybe).

My PC does dual boot, WinXP and Ubuntu 7.10, so I can run windoze if need be.

=Edit Dec. 13, 2007=

Did some reading. Seems getting .NET 1.1 to happen in wine is possible, sort of, and doesn't work worth a darn. From my understanding the MONO project won't help. Similarly, DirectX 9 can also be installed in wine, after quite a bit of hoop jumping, and also doesn't work all that wonderfully.

In short, I'll be booting Windows from time to time when I want to run the RSM suite. At least until I install the wireless serial console :) 

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Never tried it, My linux boxes all live in cupboards (except the on in the garage).