Are there two versions of Roboraptor?

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Concerned aunt
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Are there two versions of Roboraptor?

What is the difference between Roboraptor model number WS8095GB01 and EL8095GB01 - besides the price? The WS model is about double the cost of the EL. Is it worth it?

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Good question- I've not been aware of any 'versioning' of the RoboRaptor. Can you post images, or how did you find the different part numbers? And are the different prices at two vendors?

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Are these prices ($something and $half_something) at the same store? If not it's simply an issue of different pricing techniques. For example, wants sixty bucks for RoboRaptor, but we just snagged one at Target for $45 (my nephew's xmas gift), while the cheapest on are $112 right now.

Difference between WS and EL could be country/region of origin, different revision of the circuit boards inside, or just about anything. Are those numbers on the unit itself, or on the box? Could just be distinguishing between units sent to WalMart and EverybodyElse. 

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I can tell you this..

 I got a roboraptor from the wowwee store about 3 months ago,

 it still has the targeting system intact and operational so it was old stock...

 maybe thats the diffrence one is older stock?

Concerned aunt
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I went to Target to see just what a Roboraptor was. (My nephew requested one but his mom said "No more remote controls for Xmas!" I am one of those "spoil them rotten aunts" so it became my sacred duty to make sure he gets one. The loophole is his birthday is in December.) The model number on the box at Target was WS8095GB01 and the price was around $49.00. My nephew lives 14 hours away from me so I wanted to have one shipped to him directly. Target On Line did not have the RR available so I started looking at other sites and and was shocked to see what looks like the exact same thing for so much more. I got the EL8095GB01model number off the on-line manual on one of the more expensive offerings so thought it might be a fancier version, thus the increased price. I want to keep my image as the "cool" aunt and get him what he is seeing advertised. It sounds like I am safe with the cheaper one from Target and just ship it myself -which might add up to a total over $99.00! Maybe gifts of underware aren't such a bad idea afterall!

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I believe the manual has a different code to the actual product. 8095 is the product code, no idea what GB is (Normally I would say Great Britain), and I believe 01 is the version number.

In all likelyhood they are identical. I'd double check if it was a RoboRaptor or RoboReptile your nephew requested. 

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