Vista, RS Media, and USB

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Vista, RS Media, and USB

Hi everyone,

Here's my issue: I am running a Vista laptop and can successfully run RS Media Suite 2.1 on it.  When I hook up the robot (after placing it in USB mode), Vista recognizes it as an "RS Media USB Device."  However, it thinks it needs to install a driver for it and it cannot find the driver.  Looking at the settings in Control Panel, the Device Status reads:

This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver. 

Clicking the "Reinstall Driver" button only repeats the process of searching for a driver (ending in failure).  Any ideas or suggestions as to how to proceed?

Thx in advance,


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hm, that is strange- in XP, the RSM shows up under 'Removable Disk' as a USB mass storage device.  What is your sequence of events? I would not have Media Suite running; put the RSM into USB mode first, and then attach its cable to the PC; and then start Media Suite.

Do you have a 1 gig SD card by any chance? For a lot of us, it is easier to just use the card- put it in the RSM while turned off; turn on RSM and let him boot all the way. Then shut RSM down and attach the SD card to your computer. Then launch Media Suite, and it will think the SD card is the RSM, allowing you to download personalities or whatever to the SD card.

Let us know how it goes!

cheers- Scott 

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Is the SD card required? The RS Media has it's own on-board memory, I believe.  I'll get a card if it's needed (and I'm sure it eventually will be), but I was just hoping to get the Robot/PC interface established before I went any further.

As for the sequence: I first installed Media Suite.  Then I turned the RS Media on and set him to USB mode.  Then I made the cable connection.  It is at this point that the PC tried to detect the robot and establish the interface.  Since it identifies the 'bot as an "RS Media USB Device," I figured I was halfway home.  However, when it started asking for drivers, I ran into the roadblock.

I tried manually searching the CD for drivers and let Windows search for drivers on its own, but both operations were unsucessful.  I even installed the .NET and ActiveX updates, but these seemed to make no difference.

Any additional thoughts? I can try the sequence you suggested above, of course; I'm just wondering if something else is missing.

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No, the SD card isn't required. I'd like to hear from other Vista users, I seem to remember past issues with that but I'll have to search the forums to find it. Your sequence sounds fine, I just don't understand why Vista wants to treat it as a different kind of device. Here's a thought, when you have RSM plugged in and in USB mode, can you go to Disk Manager and see if there's a drive showing up that is not mapped to a letter? (I've had some USB sticks that XP refused to mount because their desired drive letter was already in use).

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I'm away from home at the moment, but I'll be back later today; I'll check out the Disk Manager as you suggest and post the results.

I too would be interested in getting some extra feedback from fellow Vista users.  I know that there have been exception issues with Vista posted to these boards in the past, but I guess the various MS updates have helped me out; I thought I'd have trouble even booting Media Suite, but so far no problems there.

Will post again soon.  Thx again for the help.

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Okay, finally able to get back home and check things out.  Device manager shows the robot under "Other Devices" as an "RS Media USB Device."  No indications of an unmapped drive that I can see.

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Hi again.  Don't know if anyone is taking the time to think about this issue, but just so everyone knows, I've e-mailed the Wowwee tech support division in Hong Kong as I'm told they are the ones working to create a Vista-compatible version of the editing suite.  Hopefully, they'll be able to shed some light.  I'll be sure to post the solution if I get one.  In the meantime, feel free to share ideas.



Michael Walsh
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God I hope so, my Vista has the same issues, sometimes it's recognized and others not. When it is you try to upload to the RS and all kinds of error messages pop up. It's frustrating. I really look forward to your response from Wowwee(if any).



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I realise it's been a while since I've posted to this thread, but I just became aware of the fact that Wowwee released v2.4 of their RS Media Editing Suite (compatile with both Windows XP and Vista) and I've installed it on both an XP and Vista machine. In both cases the software works and I can now interface with my RS Media!

So it appears this issue is resolved at last.

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Good to hear because I will get Rs Media tomorrow and I have been little bit worried how connection would work because I know people have had lots of problems with connecting Rs Media with PC and I do not have SD card yet.

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Hello All world ,
This is my Just 1st post at this forum,
I hope you help me.
I have 2 proplems with my RSMV2(with usbnet menue)
problem 1 :
I have totally the same problem ..,
my Senario:
I installed the cd-content
then I turn on the RS-media ..,
then connect it to pc ( windows xp / win2008 / windows 7)
Same problem .., it most of time give me error:
USB is not recognisable..or un known device

and If it worked (and this case is 5 %)
I find the hidden removable disk in the windows explorer.

I open the "RS Media Suit 2.4"
And it just plug the removable disk out then in .. then out and so on just about every 2 seconds.
I have RSMV2....

also the "RS Media Suit 2.4" dosent work with windows 2008 server r2.

problem 2 :
I have a 2 G sd card (Because I didnt see 1G at the market anymore)
I searched on your forum one post tell that i can use a partition tools to devide it .
I did so ,
also I format it as 800MB then Deleted the other part..

the Result is when the robot start up .. It become totally silent
also I tried to excecute a samples posted in RSMedia DevKit ..
it dosent work at all as there is no card attached at all
Thank you Very much for your help

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hi did you try a new usb cableInnocent