rs robo shuts down after new batteries put in

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rs robo shuts down after new batteries put in

i bought my son his first rs media robo and we put the batteries in his feet and he keeps shutting down. i am using recharable batteries 2150 mAh-220Dh. are these batteries the right ones to use. some1 pls help me as my son is very upset. he is only 5yrs old. any help will be much appreciated.

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You are advised to use Alkaline batteries for the Robosapien range as the lower internal resistance of rechargables may cause issues with the regenerative system employed for the motors. I would presume however that the AAA batteries could be the rechargable type. There may be other issues too with rechargables, for example insufficient peak current supply (but that is just speculation).

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A little more detail on your problem might help us find an answer. Though Markcra is correct that you are supposed to use alkaline batteries, which is particularly true for the RS Media, since the lower voltage of rechargables can cause the RS Media to think his batteries are flat when they are not.