Whats the best type of Batteries to use

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Whats the best type of Batteries to use

my boyfriend brought me the RS media for xmas, but he couldnt wait to give it to me so we went out before xmas and brought batteries for it. the AA batteries we already had which are the uniross 2700 rechargeable batteries. we brought energizer D batterise (not rechargable) its now been a few weeks and RS media cannot walk because his D batteries have no juice. i watch the gadget show and they did a test on (non rechargable) batteries. morrisons were the best value for money energizer batteries were the best performance and longest lasting. What about rechargable batteries which ones are the best performance and best value for money, which D battery charger is best and where do i get it from?

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What do you suggest we can do about batteries?

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The Media  eats batteries like candy, so I don't blame you for wanting to go with rechargables. I don't personally have any brand recommendations, just make sure you find D's with the highest MaH (MAh, Mah, mAh, however it's labelled) number you can find. In D's it's probably mAh, meaning milli-amp hours, effectively meaning how long they'll run between charges. You also want to make sure you find batteries that are truly 1.5 volts, as most rechargeables are 1.2 volts, that's almost two whole volts shy of what the Media wants to run it's motors.

You're lucky if it made it a few weeks. Mine walked for two days before noticeable battery drain on the D's (also Energizer). 

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ive just got my rsm for xmas got recharg bats uniross 2600 mah there ok charge time 26 28 hours ... if you can afford it go for higher mah d cells another thing mine only walks fast switch him to slow walk he nearly falls over due to weight of batteries + he fell over other day trying to pick up .im thinking of adding weight to feet not sure yet hes been ok now the bats are 30 mins  in use  cost me 45 pound for bats d and aa lol me wife hit the roof .i jus got adaptor from currys uk £9.99 uniross adjustable from 3 to 12 volts set it to 7.5 works great .so i dont run down bats when on computer def a must

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mine runs on rechargeables and is ok takes ages to run flat to ...i have him stood on my table next to me every night pumps the tunes out while i chat to me friends

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The 1.2 volt rating of rechargeables vs. the 1.5 of regular duracells is not that big a difference.  Non-rechargeable batteries real power output tends to run down over time while rechargeables give the full 1.2 v till no charge is left.

 I found out that 2200mh rated 4 x D rechargables didn't last long on the Boa - but that changed when i switched to 7000mh ratings my robot sessions stretched from a few hours to a couple of days.  I recommend you try something more higher rated - at least 4000mh.

GP batteries & their charge unit have served me well.

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helo im new here lolim in uk ]

i got the rs media right and i got the charger it worked fine i prefer not to use rechargerble batterys beacause u will waste lots of money wel not lots and the charger for like in the uk for £6.99

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If it's of any help I use 12,000ma D nmh batteres and re charged with an Ansman 16 battery charger,these batteries last for weeks, No problem with the different voltage &.2v compared to 9v.http://www.thomas-distributing.com/ansmann_battery_charger_5407013.htm

This charger charges 6 D cells or 12 AA cells and 4 PP9 9v batteries.

Batteries that I have installed in my RSV2