RS Media "Drill Sergeant" named Gunny

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RS Media "Drill Sergeant" named Gunny

Check out a couple videos of my new RS Media personality "Gunny", you maggots!

Jeff Block
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This personality is based on the movie Full Metal Jacket.  tf2psycho petitioned to upload it to the RS Media personalities area on the site, but I had to refuse him because of some of the things he says violates our offensive terms policy.  Still looks like a pretty cool personality though.  I'm sure he'd hook you up with it, if you contacted him directly via private message.

Anyway, thanks for sharing it with us, tf2... 

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make sure you guys download the c-3po final personality i sent in (its G Rated ;)

as for the RS gunny....... well hes a angry Drill sergant but what you guys dont see in the video

is the back of his camo shirt says " daddys girl"  (daughters camo shirt) lol

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next personality will be rs arnold "get to the chopper..stick around..ill be back....its not a

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Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Don't tell me you've got the full speach the sergeant does in full metal jacket on there.

BTW is your avatar the guy from hannibal with a kitten on his face? 

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why yes, Cordel.. ." Now thats entertainment !! "

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ive sent you a pm could you email me the personality

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Oh well there goes my Al personality based on Al from Deadwood.

Really cool insults but way too salty for general consumption. 

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when well i be able to download this personality because i dont see a down load button