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tips for new robot owners

Now ive only had mine a fews weeks, and im not sure if a couple of things have already been said or not, but i found the out myself if they have.

1 SD cards, i bought a kingston cheap 1gb one and couldnt get it to work, asked online here and people said it may be because its a cheap one. However realised last night that it doesnt come formatted in FAT 32, which after reading some useful things on here regarding the oboard memory, i did last night and it works a treat now.

 2. Software issues, theres no question that using the software sweet connected to the Robot is a pain, it crashes, it takes ages etc etc

 Using above said SD Card, launch software, plug sd card straight into card reader (mines a laptop with one is) it recognises this card as the robot. i spent 2 hours last night non stop with no crashes on the software, downloading personalities to the card, music, my own bodycons that id messed about with etc etc. The speed of the download is extremely fast, and im wondering if its this speed or lack of direct to the robot that cuases the crashes.

 anyway just 2 tips there for the new owner (like me) not only does this way improve the loading and Incidentally the DELETING of personalities, which you cant seem to do via the robot, but it saves you constantly using the robot to access these files hence saving batteries etc.

again sorry if this has been here before, i dont think it has, especially the software sweet working direct with the SD card and being very stable.

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I noticed that the suite would crash when changing a personality on card but not the one in the suite archive. I assume the same to be true with RSmedia connected via USB.

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if i have the card in the robot, and access it via the usb, its slow, it doesnt always do what you want to do and also it crashes.

if its simply deleting a personality, you can go into the folder via the drive number and delete it without goign through the software and vice versa.

however ive found it just as fast to go through the editor.

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great blog i find it real easy to explore and insert personalitys,music,photos,videos into the robot by exploring the sd card through its drive location also... the software is a pain to use/crashes alot ....

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hi bostonspike thanks for your tips for new owners,im a new member of the group and a new owner of an rs media, about your piont of formating the sd card to FAT 32, how do you do that? as i have an sd card 1mb iv been using for a digi camera an wondered if i could use that for my robot?

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I tried the same thing...  Put in an SD Card that was from my camera and the RSM would not recognize the card.  Was still showing it was using its on-board memory.  I put the card into an adapter and plugged it straight into the computer.  Upon going into the file options and telling it to show all hidden files, I found that the camera still had some files (probably from its formating) on the card.  So I selected all of those and deleted them off.  I then put the card back into the RSM and turned him on.  This time, while booting up, he said Checking System, he then reverted to his default personality.  I went into the options to check the "About" section and found that he was now using the SD Card and had full 100% memory open to use.    When I connected the RSM back into the computer and activated the USB port, I found that RS had now formated the card and added his folders to the card.

I have never tried to Format the card with FAT 32, but I do have one card that did not work, even after trying the above.  I think I will try this method this evening and see if having my computer format the card first will solve that problem.

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go to my computer and choose the drive number the card represents, right click it and choose format. in the format options make sure you change it from FAT to FAT 32 and format.

put the card in the robot once you have done this, start the robot up and it will setup the card, and your away.

 hope this helps