Wow Wee Robots Programming Sequence

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Wow Wee Robots Programming Sequence

  It all started with Robosapien.  You enter a set of commands and he would play them back.  Then it was only 4 commands a string.  Now you can get 40 with the new Roboquad.  The experiences with programming is awesome.  You can program him to do dance moves, pre program the robot to navigate an obstacle course, or anything within the robots field of moves. 

The combonations are endless.  For instance I have programmed my Roboquad to do the Electric Slide.  It is really cool.  With all the Wow Wee robots like Robosapien, Roboquad and all of the others you can program the sequence to do anything.  With Robopanda it's different.  You move his bodyparts and he remembers the movement.  With Roboquad you use a remote and all the robots have unique things like this (most use a remote). 

If you have a Wow Wee robo see if it can do the programming and check it out!  It is endless fun and it's hard to get bored with it!  Go try it!