Updates to Groups and Our Homepage!

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Peter Redmer
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Updates to Groups and Our Homepage!

Attention RS Media fanatics - take a look at the exciting new changes and features to our community!

First, click here to read up on the new additions and changes to RoboCommunity, that will continue to make the site great!

Second, we've added a great new feature to the Groups section: the ability to rate downloads. You can vote on which RS Media personality is your favorite - make your voice heard! Check out the RS Media Personalities group here, and download a new character for your favorite mechanical friend.

Finally, don't forget about the Hacks and Mods blog! Check back often to see what new and exciting modifications are being posted by our users. Comment here, or start a new discussion about any mods you are planning, or would like to see.

Thanks again for being a member, we'll see you in the forums!

The RoboCommunity Team