Changes implemented in RS Media Editing Suite 2.4

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Michelle C
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Changes implemented in RS Media Editing Suite 2.4

Hi everyone!

Thanks for being so very patient with us. Here it is, as promised, an updated version of the RS Media Editing Suite, with improved Windows Vista support amongst other important updates. This version is released officially as version 2.4.

Follow the instructions for downloading the RS Media software. Note that Windows Vista users do not need to download the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 component.

Feel free to post any feedback here.



Changes implemented in RS Media Editing Suite 2.4

  1. Added multi-threading support to handle file transfer and deletion.

  2. Media Organizer now uses Windows Media Player to play audio and video.

  3. Upload/downloading file problem has been fixed.

  4. Enhancements to importing Personalities.

  5. Files in “My Library” have been centralized.

  6. File transfer and deletion process has been updated. Personality files now reference folders instead of absolute paths.

  7. Adjustments to the user interface.

  8. Audio timeline errors have been fixed

  9. Fixed jitter problem to the RS Media 3D Viewer caused when it was docked.

  10. Fixed drag-and-drop icon for Audio files in the BodyCon editor.

  11. Default selected item on a timeline is now the last block on the timeline instead of the first block.


  • Under Windows XP, video files must be played full screen for proper playback.
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Good job, thanks for the update!

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    UuuuuH ... Undecided ... sound preety interesting ... hmmm

Robert Gilmore
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so far, much better.  Thanks.

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My desktop computer still cannot communicate with the robot although it reconizes it as mass storage device. The new software does not reconize a card reader with the sd card in it like version 2.1.3 did in either my desktop or my notebook which has Windows Vista.  The software communicates with the robot in my notebook, but the 3D display is still black.

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i am having the same problems on my laptop, my card reader isnt showing the robot info, also the loading of personalities is extremely slow, i am having to re-install version 2.1 to get it to work again

im using XP, 2gb ram, amd 3800 dual core, if thats relevant.

luckily i still have it on my computer, it may be wise for Wowwee to leave it as a download option as the 2.4 isnt very useable for me.

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yep try down loading new version now i cant do oat at all cant even do oat with computer ive got a install message error 2908 what the hells that mean ed

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yep great cant even find 2.4 to remove it cant get rid or error code lol lol

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ive now turned the time back by 20 mins before i installed softwear now ok . just in case any body else suffers

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RS Media PC Suite ... has "downgrade" after "downgrade" ...
A remider on the site when an upgrade will be available would be nice ... :(

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Hi Michelle C

Great to see an update im just about to recieve my first RS Media, and i cant wait. I hope you will continiue to sendt our ideas and critics to the engineers. If you do, and the enginneers are willing to work on it. Then im sure this will be the start of a new Entertainment era! :-)

I for one cant wait to make my own personality to the robot.

Is it possible to delete for 4 default personalities?

Just an idea if not possible. It would save alot of space. And give some more space for the new personality :-)

Regards from Denmark!

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Well, in both the update, and the older suite, the actions viewed doesn't work. I olnly see a black outline of the robot..

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I wanted to make more Personalities to share it but ... how or with what software? PC Suite is the worst Release Software I ever tested !

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crmfghtr said:
Has anybody got this update to work on xp?


The update itself, no!  I had to end up uninstalling the whole program (Losing some things I had done) and reinstall the latest version straight from the website.  Once this was done I had the newest version and things have been fine so far.

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Hi All, just downloaded and installed the latest rs media suite thinking it may cure the black hole in the body con editor in Vista but to no avail. No background, only a few blue lines and a black shape of RSM. This on a fairly recent Toshiba Notebook. Has anyone else actually remedied this problem?

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I use the latest download and I don't get that with Windows Vista Home Premium on my Lenovo T61 laptop. But the whole program seems buggy. It shows up in a scrolling window and when scrolled the top tabs would duplicate giving two rows (and rather misaligned and messy) at the top. Overall, scrolling doesn't work well. And the program sometimes just crashes. I'm thinking about creating my own editor but I don't know if I have the time.

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today I am going to update RS Media Editing Suite and the when I ran it today
it did not say you need to update it so why does not come up automatically