Changes implemented in RS Media Editing Suite 2.4.2

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Michelle C
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Changes implemented in RS Media Editing Suite 2.4.2

Hi everyone,

Ask and ye shall receive...  Here's a minor update to the RS Media Editing Suite 2.4.



Changes implemented in RS Media Editing Suite 2.4.2

  1. Implemented SD memory card support for the robot so user can insert the card directly into the computer. Note that in order to be able to troubleshoot the SD memory card, you must ensure that you the SD memory card is properly formatted by booting the robot with the card inserted to properly copy folder structures.

  2. Fixed errors when deleting sound files from the BodyCon timeline.


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and just to help people here as well, if you dont mind me adding this Michelle :)

 my sd card came as FAT, therefore you need to format the SD card as FAT 32 before putting into the robot, as i found out, in FAT it does put the robot info on the card but just doesnt work.

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Thanks for the Update on the Software!

Now on to the next problem. I opened up my media software today so it could update, which it did, and as soon as it was finished it immediately came up with an Error Message. I told it to send the report, and then tried to open the Media Suite again... Instant Error Message... again! Now what?

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try uninstalling it and resinstall with the new version on the web

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ive got it installed, and the crad viewing now works, is anyone else having the problem where the comments at the bottom arent showing, or the personalities, i have to cliak another button and go in to media then go back again for it to display, then the comments etc at the bottom arent coming up unless you move the right hand bar up and down, then they start to appear? never had this before.