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Video On RS Media

Hey, I am having problems getting videos on my RS Media. I have posted a thread about what file but that got me no where. I download a video from google video and it doesnt go into the suite at all. It sends an error. Do I need an SD Card to play video on the RS Media? Can someone if you know post either a video or detailed instructions because looking on the internet just gets you to where either to buy the RS Media or to buy videos.

 Is Mp3 and Mp4 compatable with the RS Media? Do you know any sites to get videos from? I have an iPod video but I wanted to check out video on the robot itself. I have seen videos of people having video on their RS Media but it never explains how to do it.



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Convert your personal videos with Video Converter Software (like ImTOOMPEGEncoder or Smart Movie Converter) and ONLY after that put it on your robot.

Your robot supports only MP4 encoded videos at 320x240 resolution or QVGA at only 15FPS (frames per second) and with audio on at bitrates max 192KHz.

Here are some CapturedScreens look: Capture1 and Capture2