How to Hack a Roboraptor!

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J. T.
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How to Hack a Roboraptor!

If you've been visiting my I Got Some Help Thread :) , then you'll know that WowWee refused to replace my robots. My mom sent an E-mail to them last night that might just change their minds though. But if it doesn't, I will fix my robots by myself. I will need some help with that. As soon as I'm done fixing them, I want to add some hacks and mods.

For the raptor, I want movable, blinking eyes, more touch sensors, speed improvement and a different skin. That was one thing I was very disapointed about. When I first got it, I thought the gray skin would be soft like rubber. That's something that I want to change.

As with all of my repairs, hacks and mods, I will need a lot of help. GW Jax, milw, MrScott, you could probably help me the most. Tell me how to disect it, fix and hack it.

I hope this works out. If WowWee changes their mind, then I won't have to much to worry about. Thank you guys so much for any help you can give me.

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My experiences with opening and fixing the RoboRaptor can be found in the thread about fixing its lockjaw. Detailed instructions for opening the torso are part of the thread. 

J. T.
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Just between us, I have opened my raptor up to see the problem. My main dilemma? right now is how to open up the neck. DINO DISSECTION!Laughing

J. T.
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Okay, since wowwee said yes then I won't need help fixing it, but I will need help hacking it. Even with my preivious raptor, I didn't have any luck opening his head up, but the torso was easy.

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Hi JT, I have a raptor & will be hacking

    I just got a Roboraptor the other day & I plan on hacking it in the very near future. It walks funny (slips too much for my liking) The motions are limited & the though the animations are cute, I think I want to enable more movement in the arms & stuff. I'll post pictures & video as I go along if you want to see. Probably later this week I'll have some up. Would you be interested? 

J. T.
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Very! What do ya think of my hacking ideas?

J. T.
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Hack 1. Movable, blinking eyes.

My first thoughts were possibly using marbles. Blue of course. I would just paint in the narrow pupil slit, then I would have a good eye. There's really no way I can make plastic move, so my second hack is to make the skin soft and rubber-like, so it can stretch. I would attatch some timed motor to the place where the eye would be, so that it would blink every five seconds. As for the eye movement, another small motor would have to be installed. Whoa, I hope his head doesn't blow up from all that stuff inside it! I would make it automatic. Whenever his head turns, the eyes will look forward. Whenever he tracks motion, his eyes will follow. Sorry gotta go. Possibly be on later with more hacks!!

Ok. Back on. With.....

Hack 3. Speed Improvments

My next idea would be to upgrade the leg motors. Either make it move faster, or stronger. Which would you prefer?

Hack 4. Head LEDs

You know the clear purple head plate for the raptor? I thought that if I added some LEDs under that head plate, it would look cool. I just need help knowing how to install them.

Hack. 5 More touch buttons

Added touch sensors on the tail, head and definitely on his back would be much nicer.

Everybody, you all know that I'll need alot of help, including detailed instructions, and useful tips and info on how to make these hacks. As for the roboreptile, I'll list those later.

Thank you everybody. Have a great day!Laughing

PS Gw Jax, have you had any luck opening the head up? I haven't.

J. T.
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Well, now that I have my new robo's, this thread will lie dormant until I desire to hack my bot's. GW Jax, If you could post something now about how to dissect the head and neck with out bending the plastic or scratching the paint, I'd like that.

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Hi, I'm new, I kinda just Googled "Roboraptor mods" and this thread popped up. JT, did you ever get to hacking your bot? If so, could you send me pics of the head circuit board? My idiot brother stripped the screws about a year and a half ago.

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I am new here.. just bought a Roboraptor at Goodwill for $10 and need a way to control it since my search for the remote has been less than fruitful. I have many Palm devices laying about and access to an electronics prototyping facility.

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The Mio pup uses bright displays for eye's. This would be an advanced project but really cool if done right.

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Hey anyone could help me? My roboraptor's right leg cant move. if i moved it by hand it will go back to the same position

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HiI will dig ours out after new year and have a look, do you meen if you move is byu hand when its powered, it moves back, but will not move in normal sequence   ?