WowWee Alive cubs

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WowWee Alive cubs

How long have these been out?? I must have missed these for some reason.

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been out for a while now

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I know why you missed them 4mem, you've been so busy with all your projects that you didn't recognise the tremor in the force when they were released. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us...

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Perhaps the dark side clouded your sight *Laughs*

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Ha Ha, I guess your ALL right, I can't argue with any of those answers.

Peter Redmer
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These have been out for a little while, 4mem8 - we have some cool stuff on the site you can check out.

Here's a ripdown:

Inside the Alive Cubs

And here's my review:

Review of the White Tiger Cub

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I love the Dog but I have Robots enough. :-)