Dragonfly Won't stay up...

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Dragonfly Won't stay up...

I recently purchased my dragonfly and nearly mastered in within a week. However, while I was outside one day, the dragonfly crashed and broke a wing. After replacing the wing, I tried flying it again but it nose-dived every time. It seems the wings are giving the dragonfly too much lift, forcing the nose down. I don't understand why this is happening because nothing looks to be wrong or out of place. I attached the tail to supply some drag, but that didn't seem to help much. The manual has instructions for replacing BOTH wings, but since the hole of the first spare wing I used was not punched properly, I could only replace one. I also tried switching the wings, but that didn't help either. Any suggestions?



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I had the same problem with mine this is why I re-done the wings for more lifting power and stablity. you can view the how-to here : http://www.robocommunity.com/forum/thread/12721/New-wing-struts-giving-m...