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Not sure if one would work. But you would still have to have the original remote to program the sequence of data streams into the programmable remote. I do know that the transmitting speed is 37.5mHz and it is an 8 bit stream. I'll have more info for you in a few days.


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Jacqueline said: PS I was able to find the manual and print it out--so we're getting there.

Not sure if you knew this but the manual is in the photo gallery just about this article.


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I did see the link in the community forum but for some reason my computer wouldn't print it. I kept getting an error message. I had to resort to having a friend find it--download it and send it to me-- then I was able to print it-Thanks!


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Does anyone have the remote streams? I need a remote, but they are harder and harder to get.

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thanks Jax for this thread just found it! I would love to try and hack this parrot, you did not, by any chance have done it already or can provide me with any hints ?


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I've been searching but have been unable to to find the IR codes for this parrot's remote.   I'd like to try to program a new remote for it.


There's 10 buttons and a 3-settings slider, so it would probably be a list of about 30 codes.  It would also be helpful to know if there's any other specifications (such as having to repeat the code twice).



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I have purshased a software program to read, playback , and store IR codes (<$20), ANALYSIR. If I had a Squawker McCaw remote, I could record  these IR codes and post them. Recently  I just purchased for my wife for Valentine's Day, a Squawker McCaw for $39.00 from ebay, no remote. My wife and our friends enjoy this robotic parrot very much. We would like to customize it, but it requires a remote. Looking a remote or IR codes.

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Hi GWJax,  New to the forum.  Where is the upload?  I need the manual as I just bought one and want to hack him.

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Has anyone had any luck getting the IR codes? I just was gifted the bird from my brother who bought it at a garage sale for 50 cents, no remote, perch or cracker though!

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I was given a Squawkers McCaw 3rdhand which is missing both the remote and the battery pack. Can anyone give me pointers on how to wire a random off-the-shelf 4AA battery pack to the three metal contacts in Squawkers' back? I don't want to short-circuit this rare bird. Thanks.