wrex the dawg or tribot the, uhh red robot

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wrex the dawg or tribot the, uhh red robot

I cant decide!!! On the radio shack website the tribot is 90 (saving of 10) and wrex is 100 (saving of 50) So anyway which one will last me longer, and I wont get bored with after i use all its functions

Thanks to everyone!

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FWIW, walmart.com has Tribot for $80. You'd just have to do business with a soul-sucking, tree-killing, little-guy-squashing monster...

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okay, thanks for the info, but Which one is better over all i dont care about the price, unless its over 100

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You decide:




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thanks roschler! But thats kinda the point i cant!!!!!
Its just sooooooooo hard of a choice! I just dont know which one will last me longer!
Butttttttttt.... some pros of each im thinking of...

RC Action! (heehee)
Built in games

many codes to find
wheel action! (heehee again!)

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This is such a subjective question. It really just depends on what you are looking for in a robot. There are in depth reviews of both Tribot and Wrex the Dawg here on robocommunity. I would suggest checking those out if you haven't already and figuring out if either bot is for you.

On a personal level, I own a Wrex and am impressed with what it can do. I don't own a Tribot, but the videos are pretty sweet and the reviews are totally positive. Good luck!