Nyx has arrived a day early! Info in this thread

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Nyx has arrived a day early! Info in this thread

Ok, my RS Media arrived a day early! :) I got him out of the box no problem, even saving both box AND bot! Thanks to whoever did the tutorial here on how to get them out.

Mee Mee and Mackie (RoboQuad Mini and RoboQuad respectively) are due here the 8th.

Anyway, I even got i-Que and Nyx to meet. Got video. It's HILARIOUS! LOL! I will get pics and video up but right now I have to check budget and get a 1G SD card, and get to work on things. 

I'm also tracking battery consumption on this and will have more info on that as well, right down to what battery experienced the most power drain.

I've got a notebook and am keeping log of things, and working with the bot. Since the bot can work on A/C (though no lower-body movement), much of my experiments can be done with A/C power and probably will be. This way I can conserve battery power.

Definitely will keep you posted! He was activated at 2:49 pm EST. And what a riot! LOL! I am going to really love this bot. :)

Peter Redmer
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Congratulations on receiving your new bot! Looking forward to pics and video :)

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Thanks! :) Pics will be coming soon including a report on his color tracking system. :) Here's the info from my YouTube channel where I have a video up on Nyx meeting i-Que Unit 1. Hilarious! LOL!


Nyx the RoboSapien RS Media meets i-Que Unit 1. Both are in autonomous mode and thus just running around. Neither is programmed to react to the other, just to sound/obsticles, etc. At the end i-Que wants nothing to do with Nyx it seems and Nyx replies with "Hey Jerk! Can you get my agent on the phone!" Then the rest is inaudible as i-Que asks me if I made any new best friends! LOL!