Product Concept to Reality

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Product Concept to Reality

I love good design. From time to time, when daydreaming an idea will occur to me, but more often than not, I don't have the knowledge, resources, experience or time to pursue it.

This is a shame. I was mountain biking recently and observed the behaviour of one particular local wildlife species. I thought that this would translate neatly into a new consumer robotics concept.

As per usual, I really don't have a clue where to start. I thought perhaps I'd pass the idea on to the design team at Wowwee, and if I got some credit for a product later on, I'd be pleased. Otherwise it's another idea that ultimately is forgotten. 


Advice from Wowwee?

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I can pretty much guarantee you that Wow Wee would NEVER take any unsolicited ideas from ANYONE. And it's not just them either. All companies have this rule in place for a good reason. It is there to protect them against a costly lawsuit... They won't even look at your product without first establishing some kind of legal agreement. And you would need to get your product legally protected in order to engage in any contractual agreements. With that said, I think you should NEVER doubt yourself. Anything is possible with enough dedication. And if you are too busy, lazy, or lack the skills to make it yourself, get a job, save up, and pay someone else to make it for you. That way you can go to trade shows and show off your creation after you patent it. And then maybe a company will come up and say: "WOW that robot is COOL! Sign that guy up so we can manufacture this immediately!"


Stay inspired, dream big, work hard, and one day those dream may come true. All you need is Faith and Belief.