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RS Media - 3D viewer

Hello Anyone,

Has anyone else had problems with the 3D viewer?   All I'm getting is the 3D viewer window with a black background, a few blue streaks in the frame, and the outline of the RS image filled in black.  I can see the RS Robot image moving when I manipulate the mybodycon sliders.

I have a new Lenovo PC with Windows Vista installed.   The graphics chip installed in it is an Intel G33/G31 Express chipset family (whatever that means).    I'm not sure how much video memory is available but my suspicion is the video card is underpowered, even though I can watch DVDs and enjoy unrestricted internet use on this otherwise satisfactory PC.  Our other older PC had problems as well (wouldn't even display the 3D viewer).  

So does the latest version of editor require a minimum hardware configuration, too?   

Thank you,


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Go to and then find support, and RS Media. Download the latest software that is supposed to be for Vista too. Also be sure to go to Microsoft and download the latest Direct-X.

Then, Uninstall your current software and reboot. Then install the new software you downloaded from WowWee.

If you already are using that version, uninstall it, Install Direct-X reboot, reinstall the software and then let it install Direct-X again too. Then it should work.

I have had problems with the new software in Vista too sometimes but overall it's buggy anyway. But it does work.

I'm using a Lenovo T61 Laptop so we pretty much I think have the same setup.

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Thank you. I am running the newest version of RS Media's software, right off the wowwee website you mentioned. I just loaded it yesterday. And my direct-X is very recent as well. Our older computer runs XP. But I'll check to see if the Direct-X we're using is the most recent version.

Thanks for replying!!


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I don't have a Vista machine handy to check, so I don't know if this will help at all or not.

I've noticed on my XP machines the display of the Media Suite looking similar to what you've described. I'd had the "Color Scheme"* something other than the default setting (mine were set to "silver" instead of the normal blue color). Setting them back to the default fixed the visibility problems of the Media Suite.

* in XP, right-click desktop->Appearance->Color Scheme