Device driver error

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Device driver error



 I get this error when trying to connect the rovio on my Vista 64 bit laptop. Is there a Driver I install when prompted for the Rovio 1.0 USB driver?

Driver error

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Hi there cmilian,

I got the same issue. On a vista x64 based platform the device driver will not load properly.
I am sorry to say but i could not find a solution to this issue.

On a win x32 system it worked like a charm. So i used that to set up the rovio,.

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That sucks, I only have a 64 bit and the other one is running Windows 7

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Have you tried Windows 7 with Rovio? If so, any details you have would be appreciated.

-- roschler

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I have not tried it. I had to reconfigure my router, then I lost connection to my rovio. I have not been able to use it. I need to get an XP or Vista 32 bit workstation so that I can reset my rovio. Until then no play time for me.

If anyone gets a workaround to resert the rovio to its own to default or with Vista 64 bit please let me know.