Mac Setup Tool, USB Firmware Updater, and More For Rovio

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Peter Redmer
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Mac Setup Tool, USB Firmware Updater, and More For Rovio

Just a quick announcement, we've got our hands on a lot of new software/firmware, some beta and some stable, for the Rovio!

First, the stable editions.  We have version 5 of the Rovio firmware in a stable edition:

We also have version 1.6.4 of the Windows Setup software:

Now, for the beta editions!  First for the betas... drumroll please... is the Mac OS X software setup.  We have an article on the site for Ad Hoc connection and setup, but if you want to give this automated beta software a try, we'd love to hear how it's working for you:

Finally, we also have a very useful tool, also in beta, called the Firmware Update tool.  This allows you to manually update Rovio over a USB connection, if you're having problems connecting via wireless.

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Peter, I just aquired a new Roivo and am trying to talk to it.   Do you happen to have all these above files?  I am wanting to re-release the Rovio Commander for free but need to test with a good rovio,  The new new one is brand new and I had access until I changed the WIFI and not I get get back to default .  I am hoping one of those files will help. Thanks. Jesse McCulley.