RS Media Development Kit 1.2 Online

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RS Media Development Kit 1.2 Online

I did some updates to the RS Media Development Kit. You can get version 1.2 here:

I've redone a lot of the format of it and it's now GPL. I've hopefully simplified the instructions and split things up a bit for easier reference.

The firmware dump now will show you a screen on the robot telling you it's processing and then when it's done, the robot's screen will change to tell you it's completed. No more guessing how long it'll take!

The USBNet Driver Kit is included in the development kit now. But I didn't make any changes to the kit - it's the same as the kit that was online before (which I took down as it's now part of the Dev Kit). Since Helibot is making such rapid progress with the serial console thing, I'm going to wait for his go-ahead and new files before I update the USBNet Driver Kit portion.

Enjoy! :)