Testing the Rovio Installer 2.0 Beta?

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Peter Redmer
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Testing the Rovio Installer 2.0 Beta?

A short while back, Michelle posted the 2.0 version of Rovio's software installer, dubbed the "silver bullet."  We've seen that it's being downloaded but haven't heard any feedback.  (You can download it here.)

What does everybody think of this new software package?  Does it function as promised?  The features are exciting - the automatic updates to both software and firmware is a long-needed upgrade.

Let WowWee know your thoughts, don't be afraid to chime in on your beta testing :)

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So, do this means that the Rovio will automatically download the new updates through the wireless network and install it automatically without me having to connect the USB cable?

I am still seen the problem is losing the network connectivity and no trying again
to get connected.

Thanks in advance