Rovio Blue-light Headlight Mod

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Rovio Addict
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Rovio Blue-light Headlight Mod

Rovio Custom light.

First sorry for my bad english!!


I've open my rovio and use the four rear leds for construct light:


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It looks like you've mounted the LEDs in a block of perspex, do you have any photos of you mod with the lights on (ie not in the dark)?

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Very futuristic looking and a great mod. I mean the Rovio, not the cat. The cat looks annoyed. LOL. :)

-- roschler

Rovio Addict
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Thanks for all your reply!


it's my first modification and i'm going to do another plastic piece cleaniest than this on picture... (Yes i know, i'm a real Pig ;))

Rovio original led is not enought but with this mod it's great... I like blue light vision!









 I've desactivate IR radar Because it's alwats detect an obstacle with my floor... It's sisal ( I don't know how we say in english) it's vegetal floor but there is relief.... that's why i put blue led here. IR work on flat Floor...

Chris 22
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It looks great, good work!
Now there are hard times for the cat. LOL