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Hi guys,

I just ordered the battery pack for my I-Cybie, but I can't seem to find the charger for it. I know it can charge from an adapter with the 2 prong connector if I can change it to match the right connector. But, I am having a lot of trouble finding a 3 prong Tamiya connector.

Should I buy one of those Ni-Cd smart charger like the Airsoft or Tenergy? Those only come with 2 prong connectors though. Where would I find a 3 prong connector and what brand is it? I don't know where to find them.

Sorry for all the questions. I'm just having a hard time finding a way to charge the battery pack.

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You can find connectors on ebay (Tamiya). You'll need to change out the connector for the battery and the connectors for the charger and the robot to make them match. This might work--

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Hello friends. Ä° have i-cybie but not try work 5 years. Now i open it but not working. What is problem? help me please? Battery or cartridge? No ligts on eyes... Thanks

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Have you completely disassembled the robot? If you reassembled the robot and misaligned the pots it will cause some of the problems I see in the video, but more likely (since all the joints are binding) the robot's operating system has been corrupted by the old crappy NiCad battery pack you're using.
It might be possible to resurrect the dog with a better pack made of NiMH cells but I think that is very optimistic and most likely the robot is no longer functional using average means.
Word of advice- NEVER use the NiCads that came with the stock robot even if you think they appear hardly used and they function well at first. Those batteries are all more than 13 years old and they were discontinued because they sucked even when they were new. The old packs are ticking time bombs and should without exception be replace by the more powerful NiMH battery packs rated between 1200mah and 2200mah.

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There is one other solution I can think of based on what is in the video. One of the pins in one of the battery connectors could be dirty or it is not making sufficient contact. The robot can go into seizures if it is not getting good contact through all the connector pins. Try cleaning the pins on the robot connector and the battery connector. Examine the pins themselves too. Sometimes frequent plugging and unplugging can spread or compress the pins enough to deliver a weak contact. Use contact cleaner.
Everything above still applies if you are using the original NiCad battery (800mah). I advise you to replace it immediately if you are using one and try a new battery. In my opinion,its better to build than buy if you a don't want to spend the money and have the skill. Information is in this and other threads here. There are also places in the US and UK that sell battery packs specifically for i-Cybie.

Good Luck!

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