Problem with RS Media Turning to the right By itself

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Dr Drone
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Problem with RS Media Turning to the right By itself

Hi Guys


I have an RS Media, which i bought about a year ago. It has this weird problem; it keeps on turning to the right when left on its own. and in guard mode it keeps detecting movement. When the eyes are turned of it doesn’t do that. I have contacted Wow Wee, and they told me to contact the distributor and the distributor tells me to contact wow wee. Hence I haven’t been able to get it fixed and it must be out of warranty. Does anyone know how to fix this problem or know anyone in Australia who can repair RS Media's.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I had this problem. First, I opened the head up and found that there was a bit of holding glue on one of the sensors. Also I was told by tech support that if I used rechargeables it might cause it to have this problem (wasnt in my case however). Has it done this since the day you first got it? I cured the issue and havent had it since!

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Hello! Similar problem here! Thank you FreddyA for advise, i'm looking for solution for a long time. Most info i have found here was about chest mechanism sensor. I've opened torso and found stripped gear, then check position sensor in his chest and all its circuit up to processor blob on mainboard, but problem was somewhere else. Chest motor spins one way only. My robot moves his head and eyes right only, this time he closes hand. This happens when he detect motion. The only way to stop him is flinch. I will dismantle head today! :)