rs media dead

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rs media dead

my rs media have been stored this week i bouth new batteries and a power supply but nothing to it does nt want to star pls help i miss my robot

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Hey Terter, too bad about your RSM. The first thing that comes to mind (obviously)is try a different set of new batteries. Also check the label on the adapter power supply it has to be 7.5V 3.1A female positive. I am happy to help today as I am working on my own robots here. So I will do my best to help you out. Also I'm sure others in the forum can give some advice on this.

Robosapien V10
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Try to get some better batteries, or e-mail Wowwee. If, its still under warranty, you could get a replacement. The warranty for RS Media is 180 days. Mine is starting to have a problem to, its used regulary, then it says, "The batteries in my feet need changing", I cvhange them, but when he starts up, after like 5 minutes, he says it again. I've tried Duracell, Energizer, ShopRite.

oliver the king
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new battres

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by a chance do you have a pin layout diagram ?

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Hi Terter,
There isnt a wiring diagram available.
If you explain a bit more about the problem we might be able to help more
Does it start at all? Does it start up then stop? If so how far? Does it make any noise , see anything on the screen?

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it does nt start at all no screen no noise nothing happens i found a capacitor burnt it s c29

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My RS MEDIA starts up I see his eyes light up, his LED chest lights up at the same time too. then seconds after all lighting is off, then He makes his robot gurgle noise and it's back to a vegetable.. :(

It was just working only 5 Hrs ago and now it's HOGWASH!! All because I noticed his head became stuck looking right, and I wanted to try and fix it my self and I ruined it some how along the way. Anyone Help me out It's really time consuming and beginning to become a little bit stressful at this point.

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Oh poor RS V2 Media. :-(

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My bot suffered the same fate no power at all. Would corrosion on the little aa battery area be enough to stop it from loading? Any steps to see what wrong?

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hi i see you respond on old post.anyway i post a video how to check if ,
you got power and negatif too.its a good way to start before anything els.

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thehaag, yes a bit of corrosion can cause power problems for rsm. I've seen many with the inside of the AA cavity is the main problem. take appart the feet and open the AA contacts from inside to clean them.

  Dstar if you read this probably a burned out transistor makes the head turn one way only. then the robot cant pass the boot test when it cant move its head to the center position yull need to look closely a the motor board to and take out the burned out ones, look close and its worth replacing them in pairs. not expensive fix. is the post with part info and where to buy. Here is a picture, these are located on the motor board top row for the neck motors, two diferent part numbers for each motor