what will be YOUR favorite robot

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what will be YOUR favorite robot

What is your favorite robot

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Roboquad so far. I will probably change my mind when i get joebot

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Randall Lim
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I have in my possession a Robosapien V1, a Tri-bot, a Roboraptor & a Femisapien.

In my opinion,

Roboraptor is the most independent (right from the start) & quite agile.

Femisapien is quite independent (but an initial starting command is required) & more agile.

Tri-bot is quite independent (but initial starting command is required) but not agile above the hips.

Robosapien V1 is totally dependent on external commands for everything though it is agile.


So I guess my favourite robot would be the one with the most independence with moderate agility.

That would be the Roboraptor.