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NAO will be 4000 EURO aprox. 6000 USD the Commercial Version.

I agree Shai Alyt NEMO it's to much and I though who will spend
so much money on it but you'll be surprised to hear that only 200 were selected for the first BETA TEST with a robot and they payed 4000 EURO (were more than 200 persons but only 200 were selected).

In this years autumn another BETA TEST will begin (in parallel with the existing one) ... not many infos about it but there will be another selection too.

I would say if they delayed so much the commercial version launch they have enough money earned by selling ACADEMIC version and ROBOCUP version of the robot for Universities.

I asked my self many times if I would spend so much money on a toy ... one thing is that it's not a toy ... it's much more ... for a toy I wouldn't ... and YES I would spend if I would have. Guess what ... now I try to save as much as I can to participate on the second BETA TEST.

I think it depends why would you buy a robot and what would you do with it.
For a simple robot toy , you should be a rich boy ... for development tool and a research tool (even if free lancer not a company) you could do some savings with some passionate friends.

It's only my opinion ... do not blame me for that ... I'm a dreamer! :)

The Cylon
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200 people  is not much.  Even if they had 1000
people,  that is still not really an indication of how well its
going to sell in the long run.  There are alway early adopters,
who have fallen for the hype.  And just the thought of being one
of the first  people to have one, is enough for some.  But
word of mouth ultimately determines how successful these are over the
long term.  They need to sell hundreds of thousands, 
possibly a million or two  before the  investors are really

Even at 4000 Euro or $6000 usd only the most hard-core
hobbyist, and early adopters will buy this.  It costs more than a
high end computer,  more than a high-end flat TV .  In fact
you could get a half way decent used car for $6000.   the high end
computer, the flat screen TV, the used car are all far more useful than
the Nao.  Its far to expensive to buy the kids (unless your rich)
and its not useful enough to an adult to justify the price (unless your
rich).   Think about it in terms of a family purchase.   At
$6000 it costs more than the average washer and dryer, refrigerator,
oven, dinning set, family computer, lazy boy chair.  For a lot of
folks the only thing that would cost more than the Nao would be 
their new car, and the mortgage  Surprised
  And unless you have all of those bases covered,  it seems
unrealistic that the average American family would spend $6000 on the
Nao based on its current capabilities.

 Even its Internet
capabilities is not justification.  The family computer, the
IPhone, the Droid  all give much more convenient Internet access.

initially  corporations will probably buy them as marketing
gimmicks, they'll probably be used in more than a few movies as
props.  But selling year in and year out  at $6000 to the
public at large,  I don't see it.   If the Nao 
could be successful at anywhere near $6000  then the RS Media
should still be selling right now at $250,  because the Nao is
really not  10 times better than the RS Media.  From the
video I've seen, and the specifications I've read, the Nao  maybe
twice the robot.  Which  should price it  between 
$500 - $700 ( at decent laptop costs) Smile

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New in the box RS Media on Ebay here:

Disclaimer: No warranties expressed or implied (because it isn't mine)

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Ebay UK is a regular source, just watch the postage. (It should be 60 pounds to Australia anyway)

If you're desperate,

Or ebay canada for $300 new + postage...

Hard to believe they're still for sale!

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I just bought a mint-in-box RS Media from this chap on eBay, and he has just put up another:

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Hlaford said: Ebay UK is a regular source, just watch the postage. (It should be 60 pounds to Australia anyway) If you're desperate, Or ebay canada for $300 new + postage... Hard to believe they're still for sale!


Seller is quoting 160 pounds to Australia.


Update  Sold for 51.03 pounds (9 bids 4 bidders)