Rovio, The Auto Mag lighting mod

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Rovio, The Auto Mag lighting mod

OK! so I've seen alto of mods but they all have issuses.  Either they drain the main battery and let be honest that thing not bubbling with spare power.  Or you can't control you light. Things like a photo switch will run there internal power down and you'll have to come to it and do a manuel charge/replacment.   WELL!!  I have the solution, and I'm working a a curcit that will make that a thing of the past.

So far I've created a head lamp out of a mag light and a normal closed switch.  basicly it's a botton that cuts power when it's pushed.  I put the switch in the tray for the neck.  This way when the neck is docked the light is off.  when you raise the neck the light comes on.

 I'm planning one one further mod.  I want to tie the mag lights batteries into the charging station.  To do this I'll power a transistor with the onboard headlamp and use it to selectively connect the mags battery to the onboard battery.  I'll use this when it's in the dock to rechage then isolate the mag lamp.

Rovio Overvew 


Rovio Top Closed

Rovio closed front

 Rovio Top Open


Rovio close up switch 


Rovio Open overveiw 




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Some more consol shots :) I included my low light security cam for refrance on the screen.  Followed by stills 





Peter Redmer
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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your great mod with the community.

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That mag light looks BA!