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Rovio (insert mod here) Mod

Well so I think I'll take requests and suggestions.  I'm not sure what to do next.  My three ideas right now are to design a secondary camera that can be easily installed and operated using current software.  Or to make a claw.  Or use the Arduino micro computer to add more controls.   The Arduino is the hardest and my favorite.  I'd need a programmers helps though.  Basically I could set the Arduino to be a mini web page server, it would control... well anything.  Then I'd have a very simple page that would have buttons on one side.  Then in frame light those old pages.  Would be the Rovio controls.  Old style framing ment you acutely had two pages in one browser so it wouldn't take much. IDK, any ideas?

Peter Redmer
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I'm thinking a claw would be awesome. Especially if it were powerful enough to lift small objects remotely. I can't imagine that would be easy to do, however.