RS Media repair in Germany?

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RS Media repair in Germany?

Hi all,

I am having problems with my son's RS Media (see my post about broken speaker here). I live in Germany and tried to contact someone from Wowwee for support. The US team gave me an address in Brussels, which I wrote to. The reply was "sorry, we can't help because you bought your RS Media on eBay". I bought it from a professional reseller who assured me it came with a guarantee. I dispute that - but because it is a gift, I would be willing to pay for professional service. After my response to the contact from Wowwee Europe (with every e-mail address of Wowwee I could find on cc:) requesting the name of a service center, I heard nothing. I can't imagine Wowwee sells their whole line-up of products in Europe and has no service offering. Is that true? Has anyone here ever had problems found professioanl help in Europe?

I am fairly capable when it comes to fixing things, but after opening the RS Media up, I see how fragile everything is. Freddy was nice enough to give me directions on how to fix the speaker. I did not get far, because I am afraid of doing something wrong and ruining the RS Media while taking him apart. Is there anyone here in the forum who lives in Germany and has taken an RS Media apart before? If so, maybe we could have a go at it together?

Thanks for any help...


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They replace, not repair. There's no "WowWee Certified" repair centers to get anything tweaked.

WowWee's stock standard answer for items covered under warranty is to return it to your place of purchase for replacement. They have provided replacement for some products directly from WowWee, but that seems to be the exception for a small number of products and situations.

WowWee's policy is only to honor warranties from authorized resellers, so the statement from your seemingly unauthorized reseller seems to be less than accurate on the sellers part.