Can Windows Mobile be run on RS Media?

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Can Windows Mobile be run on RS Media?

Would it be possible to boot windows mobile to run on arm9?

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It may be possible...although it would require modification to the bootloader and RS Media would most likely be reduced to a screen unless drivers to operate the robot board are installed...

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No, not possible...
Unless you got the source code, changed the UI size of Windows OS, and compiled it for ARM9...
Which would be illegal anyway; because that's converting paid-for software into free software.
It would be legal if Microsoft gave you the source code to play around with.


Jamie Kugelmann

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There are so many cooked WM out there, plus doesnt the OS simply check for max screen res and I think the HTC used arm9 in their WM smartphones.. so the bootloader and maybe JVM to run the robot motor?

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The RS Media doesn't have the need hardware to run windows OS. Not enough memory for one thing. RS Media doesn't have the kind of processor system required to run a Windows OS either. Not mention the problem of no harddrive which stores a mass amount of information. Your typical operating system consists of 13.000 files before you add any software of your own. A mobile device probably about 5.000 file operating system.

No way a consumer or toy robot can handle that much information. The robots at Nasa and in the military that have regular on board computers cost millions of dollars. Plus they have the hardware needed. That's why most of us computer and robot geeks use our computers to control our robots. Operating systems are usually considered an external accessory.

However here's a cool idea you might try. You can try using Robodance to control your RS Media through your bluetooth Windows Mobile enabled device. Source coding is usually automatic (AND LEGAL, since it's not on the robot memory), and Robodance would probably handle the language translation just fine. You might be able to run Windows Mobile on RS media via Bluetooth streaming, but again, RS Media won't be able to handle the memory load required in his own memory, that's why it's a streaming process.

So I suggest giving it a try.

Hope That Helps