2 Different Original SpaceBot Personalities?

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2 Different Original SpaceBot Personalities?

I was playing around with my son's RS Media and the RS Media Suite. I have noticed some differences in his reactions as "SpaceBot" - for example, when he flinches. As he came out of the box, he says "woh, that was a close one". In the Media Suite the SpacBot says something like "kung fu chop...". Has anyone else noticed this?

I was actually putting different personalities on an SD card, including SpaceBot, when I noticed. I like the on-baord SpaceBot personality better. Is there any way to get it off the RS Media and on to the SD card? When I plug in the card, none of the on-board personalities is available.






Shai Alyt NEMO
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There are also 2 different "default" (RS Media) personalities. One - preinstalled and another - downloadable (from Suite).

And yes, I also like "preinstalled" versions better.

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Yes you can. Start up your RS Media suite and connect the robot to your computer via USB. Then transfer the personality to the computer via the arrow that points from the robot to the computer. Disconnect the robot and put in an SD card and transfer the personality to the SD card.