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This thread is for the Wowwee Roboremote.

 If you have a good operating experiance with the Roboremote please leave feedback. 

 I'm anticapting getting my roboremote up and running any day now. The software is exetremly easy to use,  very fast, well designed and requires very little computer power to provide trouble free operation. I have the software installed on all my computers. (This way I can simply plug the roboremote into any of my computers, load my saved sequences, and automatically run the robot automations).


The software will run trouble free on a computer with a 1.7GHZ processor with with as little as 512 MB of Ram. Yes, you can use the Wowwee Roboremote as a usb infrared transceiver, while it's hooked to your computers USB port, without batteries. (Batteries only needed on the go). I do not know if the remote has flash memory so save your work to a computer file, as all sequences stored on the remote are probably erased once the batteries are remove or changed. You can also control multiple Wowwee robots at the same time with the Roboremote. The Roboremote seems to promise an excellent IR range. No need for hacking either, it has a transmitter and receiver built into the same remote. You can also program the roboremote with your robots factory remote. Just use the factory remote as if you were controlling your robot, and point at the roboremote, all actions are saved automatically. (This happens when the roboremote is in "receive IR mode")


The software currently provides roboremote and automation support for 10 of Wowwee's most popular robots. All of the Wowwee Robosapiens V1 and V2, including the RS Media, Femisapien, Roboquad, Roboraptor, Roboreptile, Roboboa, Robopet and of course the Tribot. All though the Tribot doesn't seem to have to many available functions with the Roboremote.  Updates are installed as new products are released.

I'm getting ready to setup my intitial robotic to PC automatation systems using the Wowwee Roboremote. So I'll be doing extensive robot automatation testing with this new usb enabled remote. I will post youtube product reviews and how to's, of my results here, so stay tuned.


 In hope that as a robocommunity we can help explore and solve all operating problems with the roboremote.

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Just to keep our terminology straight, this is a new "thread" in an existing forum that has been collecting RoboRemote threads for quite some time.

There are many other threads already in the community that describe use of the software, techniques for hacking new robot support into the software, and even how to electrically hack the RoboRemote to provide an interface for attaching external control hardware to the button pads.

Here's a quick search query for the community that lists threads already referencing RoboRemote.

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Thanks Mr Scott.