what do i need for robodance

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what do i need for robodance


i am a total newbie to this (wife is good on the pc so halfway there i suppose)

was wondering of sum1 could help me out on :

what is the device i need for the pc to send scripts to my robosapien v2 (ir) ? (for the hacks like robodance etc)

is there a step by step guide showing u exactly how to do it

thanks again


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Have you read the requirements as discussed on the Robodance webpage?

The author, Roschler, posts here. He's got a special forum subsection just for support of the Robodance software.

You might want to edit the top post (only you, or a moderator, can do that)
and change the forum selection you've chosen to be

Robodance - General Use

The previous threads for that subsection can be found via this link


That's assuming you want to use Robodance to do the job. Since you've already stated you are not a PC wizzard, I don't think you're asking what hardware you might be able to buy to do your own software support.

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double checked my inbox but cant find the email i was sent to confirm
i have even checked my inbox on here and the one i had didnt contain any link