Capture RSMedia LCD screen to Jpeg

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Capture RSMedia LCD screen to Jpeg

Hi all,

     While poking around with test_robot program I saw that it made a copy of the LCD screen image with the simple with the command :-
#cat /dev/fb0 > /tmp/fb0

(/dev/fb0 is called a frame buffer device in Linux. If you write to this you can write to the screen.)

But if you can copy from it then we can take a screen shot of the LCDscreen!! 

 So with a script , some extra 'c' code and a helper program called cjpeg, I have created a way for anyone to get a screen dump of RSMedia LCD screen and save it to a JPEG file.

This should be really useful for anyone wanting to take screen shots to add to forum posts or documents. (So we can avoid having to use a digital camera and remember to turn the flash off , hold it at a funny angle and trim the resulting photo.......arhh I hated having todo that!!)

Download the from here.
(I have also put it in the Downloads area but it will take a day or two to appear).
It includes the script programs and source code.
(The source and programs are also in SVN at RSMDevKit project on SourceForge . See here.)

Unzip the archive. Follow the instructions in README.txt
(Please remember to copy AND fb2ppm AND cjpeg to your SDCard.)


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This is a good one Helibot, thanks. works like a charm even on video so I'll try to use it to serve images to the web server. Keep up the good work.