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Peter Redmer
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Buyers/Sellers Forum Rules

Hello everyone!

Something that our forum members have been requesting for a while is finally here - a place to share your links to buy and sell robots. Many of you already have done this in our regular forums by posting eBay auctions or unique deals you have found.

Feel welcome to post links here either for robots you are selling on eBay or to share great deal you found somewhere. Links from popular and trusted e-Commerce sites are welcome; examples include,,, and many others.

Blatant spammers to this forum will not be tolerated. For advertising requests, please contact Capable Networks directly via the feedback link on the community. This forum is intended for individual use only.

Also, please do not conduct personal trades via this forum; only links to trusted e-Commerce sites should be posted here. You may conduct your personal trades outside of RoboCommunity if you wish.

Finally, no links with affiliate codes will be permitted.

Please PM me if you have any questions, and enjoy the new forum!

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how can i buy a femisapien in iran ?
is there any partner of wowwee in iran ?
pls help me .

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I have read that rules and regulation, I want to say that I am looking for some good robot toys. So would you like to tell me that how can I get that?

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Looking for a remote control and tray for the Robie SR. Any links anyone can share. Thanks