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Help pleaseeeeeeeeeee

hi everyone i have recently purchased a rs media robosapien which i dont as yet have a mains connection for but even with new batteries he boots up and after short while tells me batteries are low anyone got any ideas why.I did notice not sure if this fact is connected but at the back of his torso where he swivels there was about 5small wiresjoinedto together that looked like they may of been cut????the most ive managed to keep him om is about 5 mins

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May be stupid suggestion, but pl. check if you have put in AA size batteries in its feet also. There are small vertical holes next to place for large C size batteries, where you need to put those.
I had missed this step (not read manual as usual) and was getting exact same error on booting with new batteries.

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Hi Phil,
The " about 5small wiresjoinedto together that looked like they may of been cut" does not sound normal. Maybe he has been damaged and repaired?.
When the robot uses the motors can draw a lot of current, if it draws too much (cos something maybe wrong) then it can draw more current than the batteries can deliver. If it draws too much current then the voltage can drop, and the voltage drop will trigger the 'my batteries are getting low' messages.

So I am guessing that maybe one of his limbs is damaged (electronis or physically) - so when this limb is used it may draw too much current.
So test that when you have him running does all his limbs move ok? (ie move arms, swivel hands, move head up/down, move head left/right (hands should close when he looks far left or right), legs move. If he keeps powering down , then see if there is a particular movement (ie legs,arms,hands or head) that can triggers the powerdown.
If you can identify if a particular limb is causing the problem then we maybe able to help more.

Another thing to try is to power him up and then not move his armms/legs. (Press stop as he is booting up and this will stop him doing the default powerup movements) Once booted goto media mode then let him sit there (use the remote to change menus evry minute (this will stop him going to sleep mode) - see if he lasts longer than 5 minutes.